Parys Mountain - again

I’m becoming obsessed with the place - but - I’m not surprised. The light was just wonderful, and this time I went to the bottom of the excavated area. Well worth the effort.


We did try to get a shot of the old burial chamber at Cable Bay. Unfortunately, it was closed while they repair the entrance. Something to try again later in the year.

Penmon to Red Wharf Bay

Worth taking a drive along the coast roads from Penmon North - you get rewarded with an amazing view over Red Wharf Bay.

DSC 6557

So spectacular, we even convinced a friend (for a while) that we’d been up in a helicopter to take the shot above. And from slightly further down the road to get this view.

DSC 6603

A week off

So I realised, this week, that I hadn’t really covered places like Holyhead Mountain, the glorious beaches at Trearddur and Rhoscolyn (I have the surrounding areas, just not the beaches themselves - complacency from living here, I guess), and a whole host of other places. I shall rectify this over the summer - there’s little point in taking pictures of the beaches when it’s raining (apart from for the ‘arty’ side of photography).

A day trundling around the Holyhead Breakwater Park and then up to North Stack fed the soul a little. I managed to get a few decent shots off and it makes more sense to start the “Clockwise round the island” concept start with something beginning with “North” (previously, I had the trip starting at South Stack).

I did get to spend a few hours around Moelfre, and grabbed a few images and a small video. I just need to ditch the day-job and get my proverbial butt into gear to catalogue and capture the rest of the island’s many treasures.

Anyway - it’s well worth popping along to Moelfre - have a cuppa at Ann’s Pantry or an ice-cream on the front and enjoy the spectacular views of Snowdonia. Also, there’s the RNLI station and the memorial statues to Dic Evans and The Royal Charter.

Anglesey Circuit

We had a motorsport enthusiast visiting - nothing better than to show off the local circuit. Check out the events diary to see what’s coming up.


Sunset over Rhosgoch


We get some pretty amazing sunsets on the Island. Spectacular colours.


So we came across this little chap while walking at the weekend. You don’t often see bats out during the day, but they do - usually when coming out of hibernation and feeling hungry.

I believe he’s a Common Noctule - but happy to be corrected. I was lucky to get a few shots of him hunting too!


Coastal oddities

If you’re walking along at low tide along Cemaes Bay or Lligwy, you might come across a few of these little objects. They’re razor clams and shoot back into the sand if you walk or tap the ground near them. Often, they shoot water into the air as they disappear. 

DSC 4800 HDR

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